Jack Hindon Verkenners

Jack Hindon Verkenners

Who are we?

The Jack Hindon Scouts is a London posting of the Verkennersbeweging van Suid-Afrika, who supports and calls for Boere-Afrikaner self-determination.

We hold the opinion that the current constitutional order in South Africa is destined to fail. It basically enables and ensures the inept ANC to govern South Africa ad infinitum, whose populist and racist National Democratic Revolution policies are not only economically unsustainable, but also inciting and fuelling racial hatred, especially against minorities who celebrate their distinct cultural identity and heritage.

The Jack Hindon Scouts subsequently maintain that the only solution for a durable peace in South Africa would be for government to back down on its efforts of social engineering (via draconian discriminatory policies like Black Economic Empowerment, Affirmative Action and Land Reform) a so-called egalitarian Rainbow society - which is only beneficial to top ANC cadres - and allow the Boer people to determine their own future in peaceful co-existence with all other ethnic groups in South Africa.

The Jack Hindon Scouts further rejects any notion of a "Rainbow Nation", not only because the ANC clearly doesn't believe in it either, but mainly because it is a pipe dream with no founding in reality.

One only needs to look at the United Kingdom and its devolution of power to the Northern Irish, Scottish and Welsh assemblies in Belfast, Edinburgh and Cardiff respectively to realise that engineering a common purpose and common identity for distinct and diverse ethnic groups is not as easy as coining a good catchphrase.

In South Africa we are well aware of the consequences of the actions of do-gooders who utilised government's powers of coercion and compulsion in order to engineer a society they deemed more acceptable. Now, how is it that we find ourselves today at the opposite side of the very same junction?

If government policies of FORCED segregation are evil, who decided that government policies of FORCED integration are good and the right way to go?

Surely a more Laissez-Faire approach of live and let live and "All peoples have the right to self-determination", in line with The United Nations International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, sounds much more digestible.

Apart from the odd protest, the Jack Hindon Scouts mainly focus on celebrating the Afrikaner culture also here in the United Kingdom. This includes arranging Cantus evenings and events commemorating historical Boer figures like Danie Theron, CR de Wet, Jopie Fourie, Koos de la Rey, etc. as well as Boer victories like the Battle of Majuba. We are also involved in arranging the annual Day of the Vow religious festival.

Thursday, 1 July 2010

Generaals de Wet en de la Rey is nie kwotaspelers nie

Met die wêreldbeker sokker wat tans in SA gespeel word, is dit duidelik dat die ANC  hul beeld wil poets vir die buiteland.  So byvoorbeeld, het hulle hul massas ondersteuners opdrag gegee om hulle te gedra wanneer die buitelandse besoekers in Suid-Afrika is.  

Hulle het selfs so ver gegaan om die uitvoerende hoof van die ANC-vryheidspark,  Wally Serote, opdrag te gee om ‘n foto van generaal de Wet in hul heldesaal te hang.  Daar is selfs nou sprake dat hulle dieselfde met ‘n foto van generaal de la Rey gaan doen.

In die verlede is die ANC-vryheidspark uitsluitlik gebruik om ANC kaders te vereer.  In 2006 was daar groot polemiek, juis omdat die ANC-beheerde vryheidspark besluit het om nie die name van SAW-lede wat op grens gesneuwel het, in te sluit by die name van die destydse terroriste wat in dieselfde oorlog gesneuwel het nie.  Selfs nou het die uitvoerende hoof te kenne gegee dat hulle nie die name van die SAW-lede gaan byvoeg nie.  Hulle verweer is, dat die SAW-lede nie vir vryheid geveg het nie en mens kan aanneem dat hulle daarmee bedoel dat hulle vir onderdrukking geveg het.

Sedert die ontstaan van die ANC-vryheidspark is die enigste “Afrikaners” wie se name mens daar sou vind, die van verloopte “Afrikaners” soos Bram Fischer en ander prominente kommuniste.  Om nou te midde van die sokker met ‘n gepoetste beeld van ‘n reënboognasie wat nie werk nie, volksmanne soos de Wet en de la Rey in te span as kwotaspelers in hierdie nasiebou klugspel, is lasterlik en onaanvaarbaar.

Dit sou beter wees, as die ANC dan so graag “Afrikaners” daarby wou insluit, dat hulle kaders soos FW de Klerk, Roelf Meyer en die voetwassende Adriaan Vlok gebruik het.  Dit is egter duidelik dat selfs die ANC vir hierdie sikofante geen respek het nie.

Die Verkennersbeweging van Suid-Afrika eis dat die foto’s van hierdie Christelike volkshelde, de Wet en de la Rey, verwyder word van hierdie voorvadergees tempel.  Geen Christen kan tog vereer word in ‘n Godslasterlike plek soos die ANC se vryheidspark nie.
Die uwe

Ben Geldenhuys
Verkennersbeweging van Suid-Afrika

Saturday, 26 June 2010

Open Letter to Fifa President, Mr Joseph S. (Sepp) Blatter

The President
Fédération Internationale de Football Association (FIFA)
FIFA-Strasse 20
PO Box 8044


Whilst football fever is running high in South Africa and the rest of the world as the first matches of the 2010 Soccer World Cup are being played, there is a big dark cloud forming on the horizon for the host nation of this magnificent and spectacular event.

With its notorious crime and already well-known racially prejudiced policies of Affirmative Action and Black Economic Empowerment, the ANC’s New South Africa is starting to loose its varnish as more and more people are starting to notice the true colours of South Africa’s Rainbow, that is, except for organised sport of course.

You see, Mr Blatter, whilst FIFA secretary general Jeromy Valcke was happy to declare that FIFA has managed (through the use of its draconian regulations, bylaws and brand police) to increase its income by 50 percent since the 2006 World Cup in Germany, reports of South Africa’s overspending in order to host the event, as well as rumours of planned xenophobic attacks and Zimbabwe-style land grabs immediately after the World Cup, have started doing the rounds in South Africa’s press.

When this is viewed against the backdrop of ANC’s Youth League president Julius Malema’s recent calls to “shoot the Boer”, Mr Eugene Terre’Blanche’s subsequent murder and Genocide Watch’s recent decision to raise South Africa’s genocide threat level to level 5 out of a possible 8 stages of genocide (listing Boers and refugees as the potential victims of black racists), you must acknowledge that there is good reason to be concerned about what the future holds for us ordinary South Africans.

When the abovementioned is borne in mind, you must surely recognize why the Boer people deem it necessary for you to explain how FIFA justifies playing World Cup matches at a stadium named after someone like Peter Mokaba – the person who actually coined phrases like “Kill the Boer; kill the farmer“ and “One Boer one bullet”? How do you justify singing the praises of this racist by declaring on your website: “Peter Mokaba was born and bred in Polokwane and was renowned for his fighting spirit and for his inspirational leadership.” Considering FIFA’s insistence that Coca Cola Park be called Ellis Park for the duration of the World Cup, why would you believe the naming of Peter Mokaba Stadium is but a local issue?

With ticket sales, sponsorships and media rights as its only targets, FIFA seems oblivious to all those factors that are worrying to so many ordinary South Africans and other sports fans – insofar as it would seem that FIFA reached an agreement with the ANC government that a moratorium be placed on any form of peaceful protest anywhere in South Africa for the duration of the World Cup, thereby blocking a planned peaceful protest in Potchefstroom (where no World Cup games are played) against the slaughter of yet another Boer.

Whilst FIFA can be commended for its attempts and precautions to ensure a successful and safe World Cup for tourists and players alike, the more elusive question is: If the bulk of the SAP’s resources (funded by South African taxpayers) are used to keep tourists and sporting events safe, who is going to police the rural areas and keep the average South African citizen safe?

Per a Security Brief in our possession, issued by Major Mick Boyle of the British Peace Support Team (South Africa) “the SAPS will be concentrating on the areas most frequented by visitors/tourists. These will be at the Football stadiums, the Fanparks, ORT airport, hotels in the cities and the routes to the stadiums. This leaves the criminals to have a free run at the suburbs! The criminals are fully aware of this too. They understand that the reaction time for SAPS to get to an incident will be long - if they come at all.”

The above was further illustrated when we witnessed how SAPS task teams rushed onto the tarmac at the respective international airports to escort the various football teams to their hotels; recently we also saw how the SAPS managed to track down and a special “FIFA court” convict 2 Zimbabwean robbers in less than a week – all this when ordinary citizens are told by the SAPS that there is not sufficient petrol in the vehicles to come out to a crime scene.

In another instance a patient needing surgery was told that her scheduled operation could not go ahead as beds had to be kept open, “in case of an emergency” during the World Cup.

With FIFA and its brand police gaining notoriety for its pirate-like behaviour when it comes to the “protection” of its marketing interests against small businesses like the pub-owner who dared to advertise that he would be screening “World Cup” games, or the African flee-market entrepreneur who dared to make and sell “South Africa”, “World Cup” or “2010” curios, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that FIFA, its sponsors and the self-serving ANC-government make such good bed fellows when ensuring that this would be a “successful” World Cup. Successful for whom? The South African public at large, or FIFA?

And should it be the Boer’s fate that once more we become the victims of full-scale genocide or attempted genocide, let the record show that FIFA and all its sponsors have been warned about the effects of their dispassion for the sake of the proverbial 30 pieces of silver.

The Jack Hindon Scouts consequently support the campaign, calling for all those concerned for the well-being of the Boer people and other vulnerable South African minorities, to join the facebook group “Fifa 2010: A celebration of Genocide”.

Ben Earle
Chairman: Jack Hindon Scouts

Thursday, 17 June 2010

Steun vir onafhanklikheid van die Afrikanervolk

‘n Jeugkonferensie wat gehou is op 16 Junie 2010, wat gereël is deur Afriforumjeug en waarna ongeveer 27 jeugorganisasies genooi was, is ook deur die Verkennersjeug bygewoon. Tydens hierdie konferensie het die Verkennersjeug ‘n voorlegging gemaak waarin die Afrikanervolk se onafhanklikheidseis baie duidelik uitgespel is. Ook het die Verkenners die Volksmoord wat tans teen die Afrikaner gepleeg word, ten sterkste veroordeel en die ander organisasies genooi om ook die Volksmoord amptelik te veroordeel. Na aanleiding van ‘n vraag uit die gehoor het die verteenwoordiger van die Verkenners verduidelik dat die Volksmoord wat teen die Afrikaner gepleeg word, reeds amptelik deur die internasionale gemeenskap erken word en nie bloot iets is wat die Verkenners uitgedink het nie. Daar word met afwagting uitgesien na die veroordeling van die Volksmoord op die Afrikaner deur die jeugorganisasies van Suid-Afrika.

Aan die einde van die konferensie is daar ook die vraag aan die gehoor gestel, of hulle teen die onafhanklikheid van die Afrikanervolk is. By wyse van hand-opsteek het die organisasies wat teen die onafhanklikheidseis van die Afrikanervolk is, hulle afkeer te kenne gegee. Dit was insiggewend om te sien dat dit slegs die DA en ACDP was wat gekant is teen die onafhanklikheidseis van die Afrikanervolk en die Voortrekkerbeweging wat besluit het om buite stemming te bly. Selfs meer insiggewend is die feit dat die talle swart organisasies glad nie gekant is teen die onafhanklikheid van die Afrikanervolk nie.

Ben Geldenhuys
Verkennersbeweging van Suid-Afrika

Voorlegging deur die Verkennersbeweging : Afriforum Jeugkonferensie - 16 Junie 2010

  1. Die Afrikaner as volk bestaan as ‘n volk op sy eie en het die reg om as sulks te bestaan. 
  2. Weens die aard, wese en herkoms van die Afrikanervolk het ons wel ‘n Europese herkoms waarop ons baie trots is, maar het ons in Suid-Afrika ontstaan en het dus die reg om op die bodem van Suid-Afrika voort te bestaan. 
  3. Ons sal, indien dit God sou behaag, ook in die toekoms as ‘n volk op ons eie voortbestaan binne die Afrika konteks. 
  4. Ons as volk is nie afhanklik van mense se ondersteuning of hulle wilsbeskikking om te wees en te bestaan nie. Uit die Bybel leer ons dat daardie reg deur ons Here gegee en geneem word. 
  5. Ons wil as volk ons eie taal, kultuur, Godsdiens, aard en wese handhaaf, ook vir ons nageslag. 
  6. Die vryheidstrewe van ons voorvaders eer ons en brand daardie selfde strewe net so warm in ons en ons kinders se harte as in ons voorvaders s’n. 
  7. Die Afrikaner is nie foutloos nie. Ons het verseker baie foute in die verlede gemaak en kan ook in die toekoms nog heelwat foute maak. Dit is menslik en ons sal nog arrogant nog kruiperig hieroor wees. Ons dien egter ons God, ons volk en ons strewes na die beste van ons vermoëns en wil dit doen tot voordeel van die land wat ons bewoon asook andere volkere rondom ons. 
  8. Ons is baie lief vir en trots op ons eie volk met al sy sterk punte, swak punte, suksesse, foute en gebreke. 
  9. Ons handhaaf ons eie, maar wil terselfdertyd geen ander s’n ontneem of ontsê nie. 
  10. Die Afrikanervolk erken die bestaan van ander volkere naas homself. Ons haat geen ander volk nie en ons minag geeneen van hulle nie. Ons haat en verwerp wel enige stappe, aksies of optrede van enige indiwidu, groepering of volk wat daarop gemik is om ons as Afrikaners se bestaan en identiteit te ontken of ons voortbestaan te vernietig of wat ons brandende strewe na selfbeskikking teewerk. 
  11. Ons eis niks vir onsself, wat ons nie ook enige ander volk gun nie. 
  12. Ons wil oor geen volk heers nie en sal nie verduur dat enige ander volk oor ons heers nie. 
  13. Ons sal na die beste van ons vermoë bydra tot die welsyn van elke ander volk wat naas ons s’n wil bestaan. 
  14. Ons reg om oor onsself te regeer, is ‘n reg wat vervat is in die Volkereg, beginsels van natuurlike geregtigheid en VN se handves van menseregte. Ook SA is ‘n ondertekenaar van hierdie handves. 
  15. Ons betreur en verwerp enige aksies of dade wat enige volk se reg op selfbeskikking en voortbestaan ontneem. Enige dade wat daarop gemik is om dit ons te ontneem sal, as dit God so behaag, misluk, bloot omdat die Afrikaner is wat hy is. Enige pogings hiertoe sal ook te staan kom teen die harde werklikheid van die Afrikaner se wilsgerigtheid. 
  16. Ons veroordeel ten sterkste die volksmoord wat tans teen die Afrikaner gepleeg word en daag al die organisasies teenwoordig uit om dit nie net te veroordeel nie, maar om dit skriftelik te veroordeel. Persone wat hierdie erkende volksmoord nie veroordeel nie, is self skuldig aan hierdie volksmoord volgens Genocide Watch. 
  17. Ons definieer onsself nie as “teen” of “anti” enige persoon of volk nie. Ons definieer onsself wel onomwonde as “vir” en “pro” Afrikanerskap en die Afrikanervolk. 
  18. Vreedsame NAAS…bestaan is onses insiens verseker moontlik indien elkeen van die volke wat naas mekaar bestaan se individualisme en eiesoortigheid erken word, daardie volk homself kan regeer en optimaal kan verwesenlik op die manier en binne die raamwerk wat sy eie geloofsoortuigings, kultuur, taal en herkoms bepaal. Ons verstaan die term “Naasbestaan” (en word dit as sulks in die HAT omskryf) as synde “Bestaan naas ‘n ander [volk]” en verstaan onder die term “naas” (en word dit insgelyks as sulks in die HAT omskryf) as “digby, grensend aan, langs”. 
  19. Nie een van hierdie terme kan of behoort verwar te word met vermenging, ineensmelting, assimilasie, integrasie of samepersing nie. 
  20. Aangesien ons as Verkenners “vir” die Afrikaner is, eerder as “teen”, is al ons aksies en dade ook geskoei op volksbou en volksbehoud. (NIE NASIEBOU NIE).
  21. Ons sal gesels met enige persoon of volk wat hierdie strewe erken en/of deel en sal rondom hierdie duidelike beginsels na vreedsame naasbestaan met enige ander volk werk. Teenoor diesulkes reik ons die hand van vriendskap uit, omdat hulle ons aanvaar vir wie en wat ons is. 
  22. Daar moet egter geen onduidelikheid by enige iemand bestaan oor die diepte van ons strewe na selfbeskikking nie. Dit is integraal deel van ons wese. Solank enige Afrikaner leef, sal die inherente wese van daardie strewe dus voortleef.

Aldus geteken en voorgehou te Pretoria op hede die 16de dag van Junie 2010.

Rian Genis

Sunday, 9 May 2010


Westminster, United Kingdom

On Saturday morning, 8 May 2010, around 20 Afrikaners, referring to themselves as “Boere”, conducted a “silent protest” in Parliament Square against what is known in South Africa as “Plaasmoorde” – Farm Murders.

With their mouths taped and without chanting any of the slogans on their placards ranging from “More than 3,000 farmers murdered since 1994” and “Families butchered everyday” to “No farmers, no food” and “Boer genocide = African famine” they symbolised the silence of the world press when it comes to the reporting of these killings. Apart from two high profile murders that enticed a couple of media reports for a week or two, these murders have gone largely unnoticed.
When asked what the aim of the protest was, the organiser of the event, Wynand Krüger, replied: “Whilst we acknowledge that South Africa’s rampant crime leaves every citizen and tourist very vulnerable, we wanted to emphasise the ethnic nature of what we consider to be targeted attacks in order to scare and intimidate white farmers off their land. Do you realize that Genocide Watch recently raised South Africa’s threat level to Stage 5 out of the 8 possible stages of Genocide, referring to Boers and refugees as the potential victims? That is why we also chose to display Boer flags here today; we consider “plaasmoorde” to constitute a process of ethnic cleansing that echoes the concentration camps of the Anglo Boer War. No-one believed it then and no-one is believing it now. Our people need, and would be very thankful for, another Emily Hobhouse, hence the protest here in Parliament Square.”

One protester also commented that the ANC-dominated government’s failure to adequately address farm murders, as well as its racially prejudiced policies towards ethnic minorities since Nelson Mandela stepped down, left her feeling marginalised and unable to identify with the new South Africa, its flag and the idea of a Rainbow Nation any longer. “The ANC preaches one thing, but practises another”, she said.
Another protestor wanted to know why Mr Mandela was so quiet on the farm murder issue, especially since the ANC defended Julius Malema’s singing of the song “Kill the Boer”. “Mr Mandela won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1993, where is he now? Last year he shared a stage with now president Zuma, thereby endorsing Zuma and the ANC during the previous election!”

The frightening statistics of more than 3,000 farmers being murdered in more than 10,000 attacks since 1994, the ANC’s failure to discipline Julius Malema for his hate speech and calling for Zimbabwe-style land grabs, the fact that South Africa can now be mentioned in the same breath as Zimbabwe and Iraq (both listed as at stage 5 by Genocide Watch) when potential genocide is discussed, as well as the knock-on effect of these factors on food production in Sub-Saharan Africa, do send a multitude of shivers up one’s spine. It is therefore unsurprising that there are serious doubts about the prospects for a peaceful future in South Africa.

Despite the protest in Parliament Square being a silent one, those present hoped that the message got across loud and clear.

Ben Earle
Chairman: Jack Hindon Scouts

"Vêrregse" foefie 'n slinkse wyse om die Boer van sy Vryheidspad te ontspoor

Volgens ‘n mediaberig op 7 Mei 2010, koppel die ANC se minister van polisie, Nathi Mthethwa, die sogenaamde “white supremacists”, wat glo bomme in die swart woonbuurtes wou plant om die Wêreld Sokkerbeker te ontwrig aan die Afrikaner se vryheidstrewe na ‘n onafhanklike republiek.  Die minister doen dit deur te verwys na hierdie sogenaamde “white supremacists” as aanhangers van die Volkstaatgedagte.

Mnr Ben Geldenhuys, President van die Verkenners, verklaar in reaksie hierop soos volg : “Hierdie metodiek herinner sterk aan die alombekende kommunistiese metodes waar ‘n revolusie binne ‘n revolusie geskep word om enige weerstand dood te smoor.  Daar word ook ernstig getwyfel aan die geloofwaardigheid van die media berig oor die sogenaamde “vêrregses” wat nou weer ‘bomme wil plant’. Die vaagheid van die berig dra tot die twyfel by.”

Mnr Geldenhuys se verder :”Die minister hoef nie so bedreig te voel oor die ontwaking van die Boere-Afrikaner en sy vryheidseis nie.  Hierdie ontwaking word juis aangehelp as gevolg van die minister en sy regering se onvermoë om wet en orde te handhaaf.“

Die Verkenners doen ‘n beroep op Afrikaners om nie afgeskrik te word deur sulke slinkse wyses om ons Volk van sy Vryheidspad te ontspoor nie.  Dit is juis nou die tyd om meer doelgerig betrokke te raak vir die bereiking van ons Volk se Vryheid!

Ben Geldenhuys


Verkenner Beweging van SA

Saturday, 24 April 2010


The President
Republic of South Africa
The Presidency

Dear Mr. Zuma,


Every government is subject to two cardinal guidelines:
·         The Constitution of the country
·         The Social Contract which the government guarantees before and during elections.

In exchange, the country’s citizens are dependent upon and accept the integrity of the government of the land. Citizens pay taxes so that effect can be made of the Constitution’s demands, which the government is compelled to undertake. The Social Contract must also be effected by ensuring that citizens live in security and without fear, that proper infrastructure is provided and that educational and medical needs are rendered.

TAU SA has bent over backwards – sometimes in the face of pressure from its members – to encourage productive discussions with the government with regard to problems and perspectives, and TAU SA has tried to do this in a positive and supportive manner with the government. In most cases, promises and undertakings have been made which, over the passage of time, have come to nothing.

At present the situation in the land is extremely charged as a result of tension that has been created – farmers are especially in the proverbial cross hairs and their situation is now untenable. This will automatically place the country’s food security in a serious and hazardous position.

As a result certain matters can no longer be ignored and, for the sake of food security and good neighbourliness, urgent discussions must now take place where clear cut answers must be supplied with regard to the following charges which TAU SA lays before the President of the country, his cabinet and the governing party:

·    There is bad faith, because matters are twisted to suit ideological standpoints, such as the fact that the song “Skiet die Boere, Kill the Boer” doesn’t really mean that the farmers must be shot and killed!

·    Neglecting to take action against those who cause unrest. How long must the country’s head of state wait before his remarks that these inflammatory mischief makers will be charged, bear results? Nothing has been done and this has resulted in even more incitement from the rabble rousers.

·   The unreliability and insensitivity of ministers with whom appointments are made on  important matters and who, at the very last moment, cancel the appointment. Farmers are also busy people with busy schedules, and the impression is given that the farmers’ standpoints are not really very important. Everything else is more important than a meeting with a farmer or an agricultural organization.

·    Broken promises – for example, the commando system was abolished with a promise of a substitute agricultural security structure. Sector policing that was put forward as a replacement, failed, and farmers are still being attacked, murdered, injured and burgled.

·    The exaggerated pursuit of quotas. A survey by Solidarity revealed that in some government departments, the Affirmative Action quotas have actually been exceeded. Does this mean that the land reform quota of handing over 30% of land to black owners until 2014 will also be exceeded?

·    Reckless statements by ministers.
Ø  TAU SA demands that every minister who declares that farm workers are illegally evicted from farms must prove this with facts such as the names of the persons, the dates, the time and the place, and also provide the case number where this illegality has been reported and investigated, and they must give the results of this investigation.

Ø  Any minister who declares that farm workers have been badly treated must also provide the necessary details as mentioned above.

Ø  Any minister who declares that squatter camps exist because farmers have dismissed their workers must provide the necessary statistics about the nationality of the squatters, given that it is well known that because of pathetic border control, these camps are so full of foreigners that even English is not spoken or understood.

·    The waste of public funds on failing or failed projects such as the land reform project where more than 80% have failed, at great cost to the taxpayers. Food security is now at risk.

Ø  With regard to this, TAU SA has had no reply to a very simple question: what is the percentage ground which the government has marked out for land reform – 30% of the total land of South Africa or 30% of agricultural land?

·    TAU SA is on record that the murder of farmers is nothing more than ethnic cleansing. Your silence on this can be seen as an acknowledgement of this fact.

·    The lack of political determination to uphold the integrity of the country’s infrastructure.

Ø  Farmers experience increasing problems in getting their products to market as a result of the terrible state of the country’s roads, while they pay for licences and are burdened with petrol price increases. Farmers receive very little in return for their payments, especially with regard to the maintenance of roads and the most basic of services.

Ø  The collapse of water purification installations has resulted in the pollution of rivers and underground water sources, which makes these sources unusable for farming. Farmers suffer losses, and less food is produced as a result of government neglect in this regard.

·    The government’s neglect to give attention to the security of the country is bordering on the transgression of human rights.

Ø  The commandos have been withdrawn, so farmers are left on their own to defend themselves.

Ø  The citizenry as well as the farmers are intimidated into handing in their firearms while hardened criminals with illegal firearms have made the land unsafe and. in places, ungovernable.
Ø  When farmers make application for a new firearm licence, it takes sometimes months to obtain this licence, which means that while waiting for the licence, the farmer is without self protection.

Ø  Farmers who were given the green light to create their own self-protection structures are now becoming targets for prosecution, while they should be regarded as people who are trying to uphold the law as supporters of safety and security.

·    The government is in cahoots with organized trade unions against the farmers via making labour legislation difficult to uphold and, in some cases, making it impossible to sustain. To listen in to Parliament where ridiculous statements such as the farmers are themselves responsible for the lack of safety on farms, and that they steal their own stock, makes one ask: is it possible that this verbal rubbish can come  out of the country’s highest body?

·    The government’s indiscriminate and uncritical support for its alliance partner COSATU’s loud and ungrounded statements about the living standards of farm workers on farms.

·    The government and COSATU’s focus on farm dwellers rather than farm workers. The farmer as an employer has no contract whatsoever with others who stay on the farms whether as sojourners under particular legislation, or as family members, or whatever.   

·    The fact that the agricultural sector is made an exception as the only one in the total economy of South Africa. The land owner is expected to have a 24/7 obligation to his workers, over and above the fact that legislation already obliges the farmer to further and further relinquish his property to fulfill abode legislation with regard to his workers.


The farmers of South Africa will do whatever they must do to farm and to provide food for everyone in the country and even in the region. Indeed, they will farm so that you, Mr. President, can enjoy your daily meals. But the above-mentioned matters are making it difficult for the farmer to farm. Indeed, it is becoming impossible. The farmers and the citizens of this land can no longer afford this government.

Their loyalty is being stretched to the limit, and their patience as well. And what TAU SA experiences is indifference from the government, even enmity.

Therefore we request an appointment with you, and all relevant ministers, and we await your reply within 14 days from date of this letter.

Yours sincerely,

Ben Marais,

Friday, 26 March 2010


Meneer Opperman,
Haatspraak en laster teen my volk deur die buitewêreld, deur Swartes en ook deur sommige Afrikaanssprekendes is niks nuuts nie – dit gebeur eeue reeds. Tot in 1994 was die hoofdoelwit daarmee gewees om my volk só veragtelik te skilder, dat een en almal kon glo ons behoort oor geen duim grond te regeer nie – ook nie oor onsself nie.
Daardie doelwit is op 27 April 1994 bereik, toe ons letterlik oornag slawe in ons eie vaderland geword het en elke greintjie seggenskap oor onsself kwyt is – suiwer en alleen omdat ons te min kinders baar om hoegenaamd sinvol aan veelrassige verkiesings te kan deelneem. Ons dra mos nie by tot die oorbevolking van Planeet Aarde nie, maar word terselfdertyd gedwing om in een Staat saam te woon met volksvreemdes wat onbeheers aanteel; sonder om verantwoordelikheid te aanvaar vir die versorging van ‘n krioelende massa kleintjies. Dan word daardie getalle nog aangevul met miljoene wat vanuit hulle Swart paradyse elders in Afrika steeds elke dag hierheen vlug, na die laaste krummels van die Eerste Wêreld-staat wat Apartheid Suid-Afrika eens was.     
En in die hordes krotbuurte - gevul met werkloses en leeglêers en die opbrengs van elke dag en nag se rooftogte - kan die Swart massas wat mekaar se moordluste oorleef, elke 5 jaar weer “demokratiese” verkiesingskruisies trek wat die ANC in staat stel om my en my volk vir die volgende 5 jaar wéér te vertrap.
DIT is die ABSURDHEID van die huidige sogenaamde “DEMOKRASIE”. Feit is: Haatspraak is nou nie meer nodig om ons van selfregering te stroop nie. Haatspraak teen ons se funksie deesdae is aanstigting tot vergrype en misdaad teen my volk … onder andere, aanstigting tot moord.
Want soos Dingaan destyds, skreeu Malema - Jeugleier van die regerende Party - dat die Boere doodgemaak moet word … en die res van die Regering staan bankvas agter hom! Dit beteken niks anders nie as ‘n staats-goedgekeurde voortsetting van Swartes se volksmoord wat teen die Boere-Afrikaner in swang is, nie net op plase nie maar méér nog in dorpe en stede – moorde wat reeds meer slagoffers geëis het as Britse konsentrasiekampe tydens die Anglo-Boereoorlog! ‘n Moord-orgie wat voortwoed veral sedert 1990, toe die Swartes tot hulle eie verstomming begin besef het dat my volk se sogenaamde “leiers” ‘n spul patetiese, lafhartige rugstekers is; al te gereed om die belange van hulle volgelinge te offer solank daar darem op ‘n manier na hulle persoonlike belange omgesien word.
Ja, toe die sogenaamde “herders” hulle kleure gewys het, was my volk gereed om soos skape geslag te word – petisielysies en gepleit en gesmeek by die Regering ten spyt!
En toe, as sinnebeeld van ‘n nuwe geslag leiers wat hierdie volk besig is om op te lewer, daag die President van die Verkennersbeweging, Mnr. Ben Geldenhuys, vir Malema uit om die weerloses met rus te laat en eerder ‘n Boere-Afrikanerman in die fleur van sy lewe by Fort Schanskop op 19 Maart 2010 te ontmoet … as hý wat Malema is dan ‘n Boer wil vermoor. Ja, skielik het Malema en die wêreld gesien dat daar ook in hierdie dag en tyd steeds MANNE is in hierdie volk; manne wat, soos ‘n Jopie Fourie destyds, bereid is om self die dood in die oë te kyk as dit gaan om die vrye voortbestaan en die erfenis van die Boer.
Juis op die “Erfenis-terrein”, soos julle die Voortrekkermonument en Fort Schanskop-gronde noem, wou Ben Geldenhuys vir Malema inwag … die terrein waaroor jy, Meneer Opperman, as besluitnemer optree. (Die “Erfenis” in julle naam, vermoed ‘n mens, verwys na die erfenis van die Boere wat op hulle Oosgrens-plase uitgemoor was; na die erfenis van die oorlewendes wat in die 1830’s met hulle waens uit die Britse Kaapkolonie weg is ter wille van vrye voortbestaan; hulle wie se nasate vandag weer op plase en in stede uitgeroei word? Dan het Ben Geldenhuys mos ‘n uiters gepasde plek vir sy uitdaging aan Malema uitgekies!)
As jy, Generaal Opperman, op 19 Maart 2010 die Erfenisterrein vir toeriste en nuuskieriges gesluit het en saam met Ben Geldenhuys en ons ander Verkenners vir Malema gewag het, sou jy agting gewek het onder hierdie volk wat so smag na leiers wat - soos ‘n Generaal De la Rey - die vyand in die voorste linies in die oë kan kyk. Maar toe kasty jy vir Ben Geldenhuys in ‘n brief oor sy sogenaamde “eiegeregtige optrede” en verbied hom toegang tot die volk se “Erfenis”-terrein.
(Hoe ironies tog dat die Voortrekkermonument , waar jy vandag besluite neem, opgerig is juis tot gedagtenis van mense wat jare lank as “eiegeregtige onderdane” beskou is deur die Britse Regering, voordat ons onafhanklikheid eers in 1852 met die Sandrivier Konvensie erken is). Jy sien, Meneer Opperman, daar is meer as een soort eiegeregtigheid.
Mens kry byvoorbeeld eiegeregtigheid waardeur ‘n publiek wat in jou glo, bedrieg en in die rug gesteek word terwyl jyself agterna in veiligheid en vettigheid verskans is. Soos die tipe eiegeregtigheid waarmee daar op 27 April 1994 ‘n veelrassige, onwenbare verkiesing op ons afgedwing is; gevolg deur ‘n Swart Bewind met ‘n onverbloemde haat vir my volk en kultuur…en dit terwyl daardie noodlotsverkiesing ONWETTIG was omdat dit plaasgevind het ingevolge ‘n Kieswet wat aangeneem was toe Wet 110 van 1983 - die destydse Grondwet van die Republiek van Suid-Afrika en “hoogste Reg” van die land – steeds gegeld het. Artikel 52 van daardie Grondwet het bepaal dat slegs ‘n Blanke, Kleurling of Indiër stemreg kon hê. Dat daardie stuk verfoeilike eiegeregtigheid vir Swartes hulle sogenaamde “freedom” beteken het, is nie vir my ‘n probleem nie. Ek wil nie in een Staat met volksvreemdes woon OF OOR HULLE REGEER NIE – die probleem met 1994 se verfoeilike eiegeregtigheid, is dat dit my volk se internasionaal- erkende reg op selfbeskikking vertrap het.
Dan is daar die tipe van eiegeregtigheid as gevolg waarvan ondernemings - met my verarmde volkie se sikspense opgebou tot waardes van miljarde Rande - vandag aan vreemdes behoort (of altans, wat daarvan oorgebly het) – die EVKOMS, YSKORS, die SASOLS van die lewe; Pos- en Telekommunikasie instellings, Spoorweë en Hawens, finansiële instellings soos Volkskas en SANLAM … te veel om op te noem. Ook dít is verfoeilike eiegeregtigheid.
Of die tipe van eiegeregtigheid waarmee jy, Meneer Opperman, nogal op die Voortrekkermonument se briefhoof adverteer hoe julle “ondersteun” word uit die opbrengs van Suid-Afrika se dobbelary-afgod, die “National Lottery Distribution Trust Fund”. Het jy en jou Direkteure ooit aan die Voortrekker- nasate (dus aan ons, die volk) inspraak gegee in die siek besluit om sulke afgodsgeld te aanvaar? Praat van eiegeregtigheid! Wat sou ‘n Hendrik Potgieter, ‘n Andries Pretorius, ‘n Sarel Celliers daaroor te sê gehad het?
Jou verweer hierop sal seker wees om die volk te beskuldig dat hulle self te laks is om genoeg geld te stort en jy sodoende kastig verplig is om afgodsgeld te aanvaar ter wille van die Monument en “Erfenis”-terrein se instandhouding. Ja, ek kan glo dis nie maklik om miljoene uit die volk te melk nie – verreweg die meeste van hulle is reeds leeg gemelk ter wille van vreemdes! Maar hoekom weet ek van geen byeenkoms wat jy onder die oorblywende welvarendes saamgeroep het om uit te vind of daar nie ‘n ander plan te maak is nie?
En as dit werklik nie sou slaag nie (wat ek sterk betwyfel): Sou ‘n verweerde Voortrekkermonument , maar sonder om die God van Bloedrivier verder te vertoorn, nie verkieslik wees bó prag en praal en foutlose fasiliteite nie? Ten minste sou ‘n verweerde Voortrekkermonument die klippe dan kon wees wat saam uitroep - saam ween oor my volk se derduisende wat, net soos by Bloukrans en Weenen in 1838, nog steeds elke dag en nag onverwags deur oormagte oorval en barbaars vermoor word; oor ‘n werklose jeug en werklose gesinshoofde - werkloos omdat hulle Blank is, moedverlore omdat hulle werkloos is; oor ouers van kinders wat naak en honger is; oor ons dogters wat slawe vir Nigeriese seks- en dwelmkartelle is; oor Boere-dogters en bejaarde vroue wat hulleself nie vrywillig aanbied nie en dan deur barbare-bendes verkrag word; oor “Christen-geestelike s” wat die verbreking van die dogter van my volk wil genees deur te verklaar “Vrede! Vrede!” terwyl daar GEEN VREDE IS NIE; oor selfs kerke talle Godsgebooie wat ons Voortrekkers nog eerbiedig het, nou afmaak en minag as “outyds”; oor ons kinders wat Goddeloosheid in staatskole se leerplanne gevoer word en selfs ‘n afgodslied daar moet sing as sogenaamde “volkslied”! (Of dink jy miskien die ANC verwys na God die Vader, Seun en Heilige Gees - die God van Bloedrivier – in hulle “Nkosi Sikelel’ Afrika”?)
Ja, ek en my volk is tot die droesem toe moeg, sat van al sulke selfgesentreerde, rugsteker-“eiegeregtigheid”. Maar die “eiegeregtigheid” van Graaff-Reinet en Swellendam in 1795; die “eiegeregtigheid” van die Slachtersnek- martelare; die “eiegeregtigheid” van die Emigrante-Boeren; die “eiegeregtigheid” van die burgers wat Majoeba-kruin gestorm het; die “eiegeregtigheid” van die Kaapse Rebelle in die Tweede Vryheidsoorlog en die Rebelle van 1914; die “eiegeregtigheid” van die Ossewa-Brandwag; “eiegeregtigheid” die afgelope 40 jaar en meer van beswadderde “Regses” soos Ben Geldenhuys – danksy daardie tipe “EIEGEREGTIGES”, wat elke generasie nog opgelewer het TOT DIENS AAN MY VOLK, is hierdie volk nog nie uitgedoof nie. Want geregtigheid was my volk nog nooit deur andere gegun nie – en alte dikwels het ons eie vlees en bloed lustig meegedoen om laksman te speel. Geregtigheid moes ons telkens maar weer verkry op ons eie; ons ou klompie volkstroue “eiegeregtiges” - strompelend en al te dikwels ook belaai met sondeskuld soos alle mense – maar voortgedra deur die genade van die Almagtige God van Bloedrivier. Want hier, anderkant die riviere van Kus, sal Sy aanbidders, Sy verstrooide gemeente Sy offerande bring – en al is ons ook ‘n ellendige en geringe volk, sal ons bly skuiling soek by Sy Naam...
Meneer Opperman, ek wil ‘n beroep op jou en jou mede-direkteure doen: Sluit aan by die stroom in hierdie volk wat weer, soos in 1836, weier om onder vreemde heerskappy te buig, weier om die knie voor Baäl te buig. Sluit as direksie aan, soos talle ander organisasies, by die Afrikanerfront en groepeer saam met hulle om Selfbeskikking as die saambindende beginsel. Werk saam, soos die Afrikanerfront- organisasies, met die Volksraad Verkiesingskommissie aan die grootse taak om op 31 Mei 2011 ons eie demokraties- verkose Volksraad ingehuldig te kry, wat ons eis om Selfbeskikking ooreenkomstig die Volkereg gaan afdwing.
En as julle nie tot daardie stappe bereid is nie: Volg die eerbare weg, bedank as Direkteure, en dra daardie rol oor aan die Verkennersbeweging. Ek vra julle dit, nie in selfsugtige eiegeregtigheid nie … maar ter wille van geregtigheid teenoor die vermoordes en seëvierendes van die Groot Trek en geregtigheid teenoor hulle IDEE wat veronderstel is om deur die Voortrekkermonument versinnebeeld te word: die IDEE van Volksvoortbestaan in Vryheid, Onafhanklikheid, en Selfbeskikking danksy die uitredding van God; met Staat en Owerheid wat Hom sal ken en dien in wetgewing, wetsuitvoering en wetstoepassing… net soos alle burgers dit in hulle daaglikse lewe moet doen.
Die uwe
Paul Kruger