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Jack Hindon Verkenners

Who are we?

The Jack Hindon Scouts is a London posting of the Verkennersbeweging van Suid-Afrika, who supports and calls for Boere-Afrikaner self-determination.

We hold the opinion that the current constitutional order in South Africa is destined to fail. It basically enables and ensures the inept ANC to govern South Africa ad infinitum, whose populist and racist National Democratic Revolution policies are not only economically unsustainable, but also inciting and fuelling racial hatred, especially against minorities who celebrate their distinct cultural identity and heritage.

The Jack Hindon Scouts subsequently maintain that the only solution for a durable peace in South Africa would be for government to back down on its efforts of social engineering (via draconian discriminatory policies like Black Economic Empowerment, Affirmative Action and Land Reform) a so-called egalitarian Rainbow society - which is only beneficial to top ANC cadres - and allow the Boer people to determine their own future in peaceful co-existence with all other ethnic groups in South Africa.

The Jack Hindon Scouts further rejects any notion of a "Rainbow Nation", not only because the ANC clearly doesn't believe in it either, but mainly because it is a pipe dream with no founding in reality.

One only needs to look at the United Kingdom and its devolution of power to the Northern Irish, Scottish and Welsh assemblies in Belfast, Edinburgh and Cardiff respectively to realise that engineering a common purpose and common identity for distinct and diverse ethnic groups is not as easy as coining a good catchphrase.

In South Africa we are well aware of the consequences of the actions of do-gooders who utilised government's powers of coercion and compulsion in order to engineer a society they deemed more acceptable. Now, how is it that we find ourselves today at the opposite side of the very same junction?

If government policies of FORCED segregation are evil, who decided that government policies of FORCED integration are good and the right way to go?

Surely a more Laissez-Faire approach of live and let live and "All peoples have the right to self-determination", in line with The United Nations International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, sounds much more digestible.

Apart from the odd protest, the Jack Hindon Scouts mainly focus on celebrating the Afrikaner culture also here in the United Kingdom. This includes arranging Cantus evenings and events commemorating historical Boer figures like Danie Theron, CR de Wet, Jopie Fourie, Koos de la Rey, etc. as well as Boer victories like the Battle of Majuba. We are also involved in arranging the annual Day of the Vow religious festival.

Saturday, 26 June 2010

Open Letter to Fifa President, Mr Joseph S. (Sepp) Blatter

The President
Fédération Internationale de Football Association (FIFA)
FIFA-Strasse 20
PO Box 8044


Whilst football fever is running high in South Africa and the rest of the world as the first matches of the 2010 Soccer World Cup are being played, there is a big dark cloud forming on the horizon for the host nation of this magnificent and spectacular event.

With its notorious crime and already well-known racially prejudiced policies of Affirmative Action and Black Economic Empowerment, the ANC’s New South Africa is starting to loose its varnish as more and more people are starting to notice the true colours of South Africa’s Rainbow, that is, except for organised sport of course.

You see, Mr Blatter, whilst FIFA secretary general Jeromy Valcke was happy to declare that FIFA has managed (through the use of its draconian regulations, bylaws and brand police) to increase its income by 50 percent since the 2006 World Cup in Germany, reports of South Africa’s overspending in order to host the event, as well as rumours of planned xenophobic attacks and Zimbabwe-style land grabs immediately after the World Cup, have started doing the rounds in South Africa’s press.

When this is viewed against the backdrop of ANC’s Youth League president Julius Malema’s recent calls to “shoot the Boer”, Mr Eugene Terre’Blanche’s subsequent murder and Genocide Watch’s recent decision to raise South Africa’s genocide threat level to level 5 out of a possible 8 stages of genocide (listing Boers and refugees as the potential victims of black racists), you must acknowledge that there is good reason to be concerned about what the future holds for us ordinary South Africans.

When the abovementioned is borne in mind, you must surely recognize why the Boer people deem it necessary for you to explain how FIFA justifies playing World Cup matches at a stadium named after someone like Peter Mokaba – the person who actually coined phrases like “Kill the Boer; kill the farmer“ and “One Boer one bullet”? How do you justify singing the praises of this racist by declaring on your website: “Peter Mokaba was born and bred in Polokwane and was renowned for his fighting spirit and for his inspirational leadership.” Considering FIFA’s insistence that Coca Cola Park be called Ellis Park for the duration of the World Cup, why would you believe the naming of Peter Mokaba Stadium is but a local issue?

With ticket sales, sponsorships and media rights as its only targets, FIFA seems oblivious to all those factors that are worrying to so many ordinary South Africans and other sports fans – insofar as it would seem that FIFA reached an agreement with the ANC government that a moratorium be placed on any form of peaceful protest anywhere in South Africa for the duration of the World Cup, thereby blocking a planned peaceful protest in Potchefstroom (where no World Cup games are played) against the slaughter of yet another Boer.

Whilst FIFA can be commended for its attempts and precautions to ensure a successful and safe World Cup for tourists and players alike, the more elusive question is: If the bulk of the SAP’s resources (funded by South African taxpayers) are used to keep tourists and sporting events safe, who is going to police the rural areas and keep the average South African citizen safe?

Per a Security Brief in our possession, issued by Major Mick Boyle of the British Peace Support Team (South Africa) “the SAPS will be concentrating on the areas most frequented by visitors/tourists. These will be at the Football stadiums, the Fanparks, ORT airport, hotels in the cities and the routes to the stadiums. This leaves the criminals to have a free run at the suburbs! The criminals are fully aware of this too. They understand that the reaction time for SAPS to get to an incident will be long - if they come at all.”

The above was further illustrated when we witnessed how SAPS task teams rushed onto the tarmac at the respective international airports to escort the various football teams to their hotels; recently we also saw how the SAPS managed to track down and a special “FIFA court” convict 2 Zimbabwean robbers in less than a week – all this when ordinary citizens are told by the SAPS that there is not sufficient petrol in the vehicles to come out to a crime scene.

In another instance a patient needing surgery was told that her scheduled operation could not go ahead as beds had to be kept open, “in case of an emergency” during the World Cup.

With FIFA and its brand police gaining notoriety for its pirate-like behaviour when it comes to the “protection” of its marketing interests against small businesses like the pub-owner who dared to advertise that he would be screening “World Cup” games, or the African flee-market entrepreneur who dared to make and sell “South Africa”, “World Cup” or “2010” curios, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that FIFA, its sponsors and the self-serving ANC-government make such good bed fellows when ensuring that this would be a “successful” World Cup. Successful for whom? The South African public at large, or FIFA?

And should it be the Boer’s fate that once more we become the victims of full-scale genocide or attempted genocide, let the record show that FIFA and all its sponsors have been warned about the effects of their dispassion for the sake of the proverbial 30 pieces of silver.

The Jack Hindon Scouts consequently support the campaign, calling for all those concerned for the well-being of the Boer people and other vulnerable South African minorities, to join the facebook group “Fifa 2010: A celebration of Genocide”.

Ben Earle
Chairman: Jack Hindon Scouts

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